"Here's to Alcohol - the cause of and answer to all life's problems."
~ Homer (Simpson)

Changing your relationship with alcohol without giving up.

Are you fed up with thinking about drinking?

Have you ever wondered if you can change your relationship with alcohol?

Has your drinking spiralled out of control?

If you answered 'yes', to any of these questions, Alcohol Reconsidered is the book for you.

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Improve well-being and productivity by making positive changes.

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Our book, Alcohol Reconsidered – Education for Moderation, enables you to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol, enabling you to make positive, realistic and sustainable changes. 

Alcohol Reconsidered isn't anti-alcohol.  It's about making informed decisions, educating yourself and understanding that there is support, whether you want to reduce your intake or stop drinking completely.

As two ex-primary school teachers we share with you our own drinking stories and attempt to uncover the reasons why we drink. We encourage you to find your own solutions by exploring:

  • The science behind alcohol and why we don't seem to have an off-switch

  • Why our previous attempts at moderating or abstaining might have failed

  • Why our relationship with alcohol is so complicated

  • Why alcohol could be illegal if it was discovered today

  • How alcohol has played a significant role in society since the beginning of time

  • How clever marketing and advertising can influence us

  • Why abstaining might not be your only solution

Vine Leaves

‘…personal, enquiring and provocative without being sensationalist or self-pitying.’

Lucy Benyon - Journalist.

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Reset Your Thinking



Establish Healthy Habits


Make Lasting Changes



Set Realistic Targets

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Understand the reasons why you drink

We can help you ~

Understand the reasons why you drink

Alcohol is a powerful drug and it is very easy to become reliant on it, whether physically or psychologically. Our book enables you to explore your relationship with alcohol and untangle your complex thoughts. You shouldn't feel shame or judgment if you have found yourself drinking more than you are happy with - it's very common. Alcohol Reconsidered enables you to explore what support is appropriate and available to you specifically.

Learn how alcohol works

Alcohol Reconsidered enables you to further develop your understanding of how alcohol works and how it affects your body. We also explore the health and social benefits of drinking. Our book enables you to make decisions that are right for you. We’ve put alcohol under the microscope and drill down into finding out just what it’s all about.

Make lasting changes

Our book has been written based on our journey out of our reliance on alcohol.  We share tips and ideas to enable you to make lasting and sustainable changes to your drinking habits. You will be able to explore in depth why you may have previously have found it difficult to moderate or abstain. Our belief is that our individual reasons for drinking are just that - individual, so we do not make claims that it is 'easy' to stop. We wrote our book to help you discover why you drink and provide you with practical advice that is appropriate to you.

Improve your health and well-being

We know that any reduction in your drinking patterns are going to lead to significant benefits to your mental and physical health. We will help you achieve this in a way that removes any pressure you may have previously felt in a positive, engaging environment. Our book will help sign-post you to interesting and thought provoking research which may in turn help you change your perspective about your drinking.

Meet the


Lesley Miller is a highly experienced and qualified teacher. She has been a teacher for 20 years and has extensive leadership experience and she holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship. Lesley has first hand experience of the challenges of moderating or abstaining from alcohol and is keen to support others in realising that change is possible for everyone by finding a route that is suitable to them.


Cate Kell-Clarke is a New Zealand trained primary teacher with over 25 years experience. She is trained in enquiry-based learning and has taught in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. While teaching is her passion; eating, drinking and working in the hospitality trade have also played a large part in her life.  Using her background in education, Cate is excited to offer support to those who wish to change their relationship with alcohol, as she has done.

Sylvain Tiecoura is an Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Practitioner. He has worked with the NHS for many years and is currently employed as a substance misuse worker, working back in the community and supporting individuals and families to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. He is skilled in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Social Services, Group Therapy, Clinical Research, and Crisis Intervention. 

Sylvain Tiecoura - addiction specialist.

Listen to Our Clients

I have worked with both Lesley and Cate for many years. They are both professional, outstanding and flexible teachers. Their lessons cater to the needs and backgrounds of all students and are well thought out to motivate and engage all. Lesley and Cate are reflective practitioners and feel that it is important to continue improving as educators though conducting research and completing training for their professional development.

I thoroughly trust their judgments and highly recommend them.

Jenny B.