5 Tips for Moderating Your Drinking During a Heatwave

After a very gloomy and drab start to the year, the sun has finally got the memo and is making an appearance. Summer is here!!

It goes without saying that many of us will be taking the opportunity to enjoy this weather with a ‘few drinks’ with family and friends. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I find moderating my alcohol intake much more challenging when the sun is shining.

It is also worth remembering that a raging hangover in the sweltering heat can feel a lot worse than your bog standard one, so it is worth giving this a bit of thought before you head out. The key to successful moderation is preparation, so if you are thinking about damage limitation so that tomorrow isn’t a right-off, here are a few tips:

1) Set Yourself a Target

Think carefully about how many drinks you think you are going to have before you head out. It is difficult to stick to targets. Consider planning something that you want to do tomorrow morning that would feel worse with a hangover. Have an excuse ready for those who try and tell you that ‘one more won’t hurt’.

2) Pace Yourself

Remember, the world is not running out of wine or beer. Try sipping your drinks at a slower pace. We tend to keep in synch with the pace of people around us, so instead of following and keeping up, be the one to set the pace.

3) Go Out Later

With the sunshine being such a rarity, it is tempting to head out earlier. But of course, the earlier you go out, the more you will likely drink. I probably won’t need to point out to you how different tomorrow will be if you head out at 7pm rather than 3pm. Don’t worry if other people are meeting earlier. The more they’ve had to drink, the less likely they will be to focus on what you are drinking.

4) Switch Drinks

The units in wine can soon start racking up, and it does seem to go down even more easily when the weather is nice. There are fewer units in a single shot of spirit than a large wine, so consider swapping. Of course, there are always alcohol-free drinks and if you are looking for an AF beer, we really recommend a Becks Blue. It's delicious.

5) Enjoy Yourself

Meeting our friends and socialising are good for our mental health so don’t overthink things and enjoy the drinks that you do have. If you can bring yourself to do it, order a large jug of water for the table and try to actually drink some. You will be glad you did in the morning when it doesn’t feel like your brain is about to explode.

You might have your own strategies for moderating when socialising and we’d love to hear yours. Wishing everybody a fantastic weekend.

Thank you again for everyone who had bought and reviewed our book. We are very grateful for all the positive feedback we have received. It’s true, it might not be the book you take on holiday with you, but it might be one you want to read when you get back.


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