Just one more hurdle!

What a ride! Since the initial seed of an idea for our book to the final upload to Amazon last Friday, Lesley and I really haven’t stopped. The excitement of the release into the world on 1st of June is mind blowing!!! Of course that’s a bit of an exaggeration but even when we’ve given ourselves some downtime, we’ve still been thinking about Alcohol Reconsidered and as you know, thinking can be just as tiring. It’s been a labour of love but something we both feel very deeply and passionate about. It really hasn’t felt like ‘work’ at all.

I think the first real buzz we both felt about our writing, was when our editor Lucy Benyon said our book was ~

‘…personal, enquiring, and provocative without being sensationalist or


It was at this point that we really started to believe that we could do this and it was possible. It wasn’t just a pipe-dream.

The questions we ask in our book are ~

· Are you fed up with thinking about drinking?

· Has your drinking spiralled out of control?

· Have you ever wondered if you can change your relationship with alcohol?

Alcohol Reconsidered encourages you to find your own rational solutions by exploring ~

· The science behind alcohol and why we don’t seem to have an off-switch

· Why our previous attempts at moderating or abstaining might have failed

· Why our relationship with alcohol is so complicated

· Why alcohol could be illegal if it was discovered today

· How alcohol has played a significant role in society since the beginning of time

· How clever marketing and advertising can influence us

· Why abstaining might not be your only option

Writing a book took more than just the two of us. Sylvain Tiecoura, our alcohol expert, deserves a very special mention. Without his knowledge and ability to explain the complex nature of alcohol to us, we would be still asking Google.

Other people who have been incredibly supportive and understanding of our varying stress levels and tiredness are: Christina Teles, Tola Akanmu, Martin Clarke, Jayac Heal, Annette Miller, Leanne Harman, Kate Frazer, Lucy Spaull, Sally Spaull, Donna Rutherford, Jenny Barnett, Sarah Boldero, Alison Underwood, Linda Austin, Sharon Bristow, Debbie Eaton, Lynne McCormack, Paul Somerville, Marion Veness, Oliver Grantham, Lindsey Velcic, Louise Summers, Steve Curtis, Jo Reilly,Auntie Irene, Katarzyna Kujava, Susan Kissoon, Caroline Curtis, Shig Hayre, Ken Scott and Graham Relton.

The African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, which means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. This, I believe, also applies to writing a book Yes, there are many solitary moments, many of them, but there are also times when we’ve needed ‘our village’ to support us.

We truly are indebted to these brilliant individuals and have promised to buy the first drink when we can all meet up again.

We also owe a huge debt to our cover designer Madeline Chapman and our editor, Lucy Benyon. As this is our first book, so they’ve needed bucket loads of patience. Madeline has had to design about 200 versions of the front cover and blurb and even as ex-teachers, we couldn’t have tackled the content and commas without Lucy.

One final person, Professor David Nutt granted us permission to cite his work as readily as we wished. His wealth of knowledge was phenomenal and we learnt so much form his down-to-earth easy to understand way of explaining a very complex topic. If you are looking for another book about alcohol, we strongly recommend that you read his book, ‘Drink? The New Science of Alcohol and Your Health’.

For this week’s blog I’ve included a really old-school, pre-mobile phone photo of me from back in 1985. I’m with a fellow kiwi on the bar, as opposed to under it, at my first pub job in the West End. Here’s where my complicated relationship with alcohol really did all begin. The drink choice for a farm-kid from New Zealand was mind blowing!

I share all about this experience and much more, as does Lesley as we try to uncover the reasons why we drink and show you how you too can change your relationship with alcohol.

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend everyone xxx

BANK HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Kindle e-book, £6.99 until Tuesday 1st, and then £8.99. Paperback £9.99. Both available through Amazon.

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