Relaxing. Moving forward and learning to trust the process.

If Lesley and I have learnt only one thing this past week, it has been to trust the process. In last week’s blog Lesley spoke about how we had finally sent the manuscript to the publishing team at White Magic. This week we’ve had the time to try and relax and step back a little. As two ex-teachers, this is not something either of us are particularly good at. Any teacher knows, it takes at least two weeks to really wind down and stop thinking about the children and your classroom. That was something I found incredibly difficult working here in the UK, the mid-term break. One week. That is just not enough time. While working in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, the breaks were always two weeks – time to relax. Here, I’d just be beginning to wind down AND it was time to be back in the classroom again.

This week, while I say we’ve tried to relax and not micro-manage the White Magic team, it’s been really steep learning curve and we’re only now beginning to understand that we really do need to trust the process and enjoy the ride. It’s taken a week and I’m sure it’ll take some more time. That being said, we haven’t been entirely idle. We’ve been chasing up contacts and putting more feelers out there. I’m in the process of updating our website with more emphasis on the book for the moment rather than our online classes, which incidentally will be still happening. They have just been put a little further down the Ta-Da list, (do you like that? A Ta-Da list rather than To-Do list?), as our focus has been on the book. We also hit a bit of a wall a while back when we couldn’t decide on a suitable, easy-for-ex-teachers-to-use platform to present the lessons on. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

Over the week Lesley and I reflected on just how far we really have come. We needed to remind ourselves when we were in those pits of uncertainty last week when things were seemingly out of control and when we couldn’t micro-manage because we really didn’t have any clue about what publishing involved. We could write. That was it. This time last year, I was still wallowing in self-pity in Sydney of a dream that wasn’t coming true. I didn’t arrive back in England until 30th May so yes, upon reflection, to use a good old Kiwi saying, ‘We’ve done heaps!’.

We need to learn to remind each other when things are a bit mad of the things, we have achieved in the 7 months Alcohol Reconsidered has been an entity and Lesley and I reconnected in October. We’ve built a website, and run a blog. We’ve uncovered the mysteries of Zoom and can manage our way around technology better. We have the outline of our online lessons, we've made over 2000 contacts and Alcohol Reconsidered has been shared on radio. All in 6 months or so since What a ride! Not a bad effort in that time and none of it in real life.

Moving forward, this week we need to focus on a bit more on the promotion side of things. Not really my strong point as you’ll find out if you read our book, I’m not really one for pushing myself forward. At least, not without a glass in my hand and now is not the time for a drink. Thankfully that’s where Lesley comes in. She is amazing and is, I like to say, the face and voice of Alcohol Reconsidered. When we worked together, she was our teacher union rep and she was phenomenal! People listened! She has so many ideas for us to try. So exciting, more busy times ahead.

It's a bit like following a recipe, something I have started doing over this past year, you need to trust the process. 90% of the time, the cake or the casserole or that apple pie will turn out the way you’re expecting. The other 10%, maybe not but you learn to trust the process. Trusting a process is so inherent in our everyday lives and putting our faith, and our precious manuscript, in the hands of the publishing team at White Magic is just part of that process. We took that leap of faith and now we need to trust the process no matter how difficult it may be.

You can now pre-order your kindle copy of Alcohol Reconsidered on Amazon. The official launch date will be the 1st of June when the paperback will be released too. We are thrilled that we are rapidly climbing up the charts in our category. In fact at the time of writing this, we’re number 2 in the Hot Selling New Releases. Exciting times ahead.

Stay safe everyone.

Cate xxx

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