Shoreditch Radio - Lesley chats to Liam Davis

It’s been another busy and exciting week here at Alcohol Reconsidered, as we’re continuing to learn that there is more to writing a book than we could have ever imagined - from cover designs, to formatting, to marketing and everything else that’s in between. It’s just been such an incredible adventure and really has been the opportunity of a lifetime. In fact, I’m beginning to forget what life was like before Alcohol Reconsidered got underway.

I wasn’t expecting an opportunity to promote the book to present itself quite so quickly, but when I was invited to Shoreditch Radio to be interviewed by Liam Davis, I just couldn’t say no. I had a few days to think about what messages I really wanted to drive home to the listeners and to dig out the old make-up bag. Even my son commented on how different I looked, as he’s been witness to my appearance turn increasingly more feral as the months have passed on. It was a bit of a relief to think that ‘normality’ might be just around the corner.

I haven’t been into central London since the first lockdown, and it was an absolute joy to be back in my favourite ‘playground’. I’ve always loved the hustle and bustle of the city and being back in London really put a spring in my step. It was a relief to see that nothing much had changed, even if it was a lot quieter than I remembered. I was given a very warm welcome at the station by the lovely Liam, who really wasn’t feeling too well, and I tried very hard to answer the questions and not to trip over my words.

As I’m sure you can imagine, I was extremely nervous, but I think I managed to mention everything that I wanted to. I was very thankful to my family and friends for their very positive feedback. We know that the problems that I spoke about during the interview will resonate with very many people who know that they are drinking too much but who are struggling to moderate.

Cate, Sylvain and I are finishing the references this week and the final, final, final handover of the manuscript happens on Wednesday morning when the book goes to be professionally formatted. We can then start counting down to our LAUNCH DATE - 1st June 2021 for the paperback.

Thank you to those who have already ordered pre-ordered on Amazon. If you’re a kindle user, you can pre-order now.

It’s a short blog this week because we thought you might like to listen to the interview instead. Please see the link below and we look forward to keeping you updated.

If you do find the time to listen to it, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Wishing you all a great bank holiday.


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