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What is our book 'Alcohol Reconsidered' about?

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Are you fed up with thinking about drinking?

Has your drinking spiralled out of control?

Have you ever wondered if you can change your relationship

with alcohol?

We share our drinking stories in an attempt to remove the shame and stigma of  ‘liking a drink’, perhaps a bit too much. We uncover the reasons why we drink and encourage you to find your own rational solutions by exploring –


  • The science behind alcohol and why we don’t seem to have an off-switch

  • Why our previous attempts at moderating or abstaining might have failed

  • Why our relationship with alcohol is so complicated

  • Why alcohol could be illegal if it was discovered today

  • How alcohol has played a significant role in society since the beginning of time

  • How clever marketing and advertising can influence us

  • Why abstaining might not be your only option


We share with you ways that could help you to change your relationship with alcohol.


Listen to Our Clients

I have worked with both Lesley and Cate for many years. They are both professional, outstanding and flexible teachers. Their lessons cater to the needs and backgrounds of all students and are well thought out to motivate and engage all. Lesley and Cate are reflective practitioners and feel that it is important to continue improving as educators though conducting research and completing training for their professional development.

I thoroughly trust their judgments and highly recommend them.